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Anyone can get vacation insurance, not sure if the insurance via the Rental Store is cheaper or not. But for me, the absolute determining factor is if they have the DVC points I need to make my reservation. So I feel they have more availability. I just banked my point from this year, so after Dec. I have never done this before — trying to figure out where to start. Should I contact DVC rental store?

Please shoot me an email at tony dvcrentalstore. We do not take any cut of that. It personal preference, I prefer not to use the rental store.

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Your call If you would like to contact me directly email me cptrobbie aol. If your think of dec this year it might be a little later, SSR and OKW should still have good availability, the other resorts are going to be hit or miss… If your were thinking next year I would strongly recommend booking between 11 and 7 months in advance…. Good luck. Do you receive options for magic bands when renting DVC points? Or Is that solely your responsibility if you go this route? Just trying to add up my expenses to expect with each option. You should yes. As long as the reservation is put in your name correctly with address, etc.

However, you can still get magic bands if you buy park tickets from Disney as well. You will need to go onto your MDE account to choose the bands you want. As this is a timeshare arrangement, do i have to sit through any timeshare presentations to get the cheaper rates. Seems to good to be true to be able to book these at ridiculous prices.

Whats the drawback. No seminars to sit through.

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I highly recommend using the point brokers to get deluxe accommodations at moderate resort prices! At most of the resorts you can sign up for a DVC seminar, but that is totally optional. They usually offer an incentive to sit through the seminar. I have rented points before, though a third party broker, and found the process quick and easy. I would probably not rent through individuals on the rent boards.

I would rather have peace of mind going though an accredited business, rather than save a few bucks through an individual. I follow a few of the boards and the comments from the arrogant owners, who act as if you owe them the world, completely turned me off. Spend the extra bucks and get peace of mind through one of the brokers. If you would like to email me cptrobbie aol.

We rented in December and were able to do everything any other on-site guest would be able to do. If we are DVC members and what to take a trip using some of our owned points and some rented points is that possible. How does that work? Just added an extra night to a previously booked bounceback offer Free Dining in December.

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DVC Rental Store was so easy to work with and the process could not be easier. If I check one website and there is no availability, is it possible the other website will have availability? Or do both pull from the same inventory? What do you mean by not having total control over reservations? Will I not be able to link it everything to my disney experience app?

Hi Jen! What this means is that the DVC member whose points you are renting has to call in and make your reservation for you. You will definitely be able t link everything with your My Disney Experience App! Our FAQ page is a great resource that helps answer a lot of questions that guests have! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Kena September 24, My September 20, Jane August 30, Crystal August 17, Brad Kinsey August 19, The 50th Anniversary is not until Is that when you are planning to travel? Crystal August 19, Brad Kinsey August 20, Michelle August 3, Brad Kinsey August 5, Michelle August 7, Brad Kinsey August 8, Michelle August 8, Thank you, I really appreciate all of the information. Dianne July 31, Deb July 25, Tony Adragna July 25, Hi Deb, Please shoot me an email at tony dvcrentalstore. Look forward to talking with you!

Robbie July 25, Robbie July 14, Hi Nan, If your think of dec this year it might be a little later, SSR and OKW should still have good availability, the other resorts are going to be hit or miss… If your were thinking next year I would strongly recommend booking between 11 and 7 months in advance….

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Toni Finnegan June 13, Jennifer Harris July 2, Brad Kinsey July 3, Have a great trip! Disney seems to be pretty good about accepting packages and we had regular Amazon not the grocery side of things deliver some pop-tarts and the like. Not only did we have Pop Tarts delivered, but also bagels, fresh fruit, juice and beer. Oh, and water as well. Rope drop at Magic Kingdom most mornings was at 9 am, and it was a minute walk to the front gate. We did the same thing for the same reasons!

We will definitely rent points again! We loved Bay Lake Tower and being able to eat breakfast in our room. However, the deal was amazing cheaper than a moderate and we will for sure try again; we just may be smarter and get insurance next time. Aw, Leslie, so sorry about your trip! I hope it works out for you when all is said and done.

Evacuating from my vacation a few days early due to Irma made me rethink that for future trips though. Not fun! As I understand Disney was giving owners their points back without penalty, but many could not use them before they expired because of the extra low availability.

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Lastly, a question — will trip insurance cover a rental cost arranged between two private parties? Most trip insurance will cover in case of severe weather, illness, ect of a private party.

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  • We rent beach houses all the time and have had them covered before for a hurricane. Thanks Nicholas! Having multiple DVC owners you can reach out to for rentals sounds great, especially if you used them in the past and already established that trust. And Sarah gave the same answer I would have given on the trip insurance part, too. You might even be able to find one that would cover a fraud issue, especially with services like VRBO and airbnb becoming more popular. As a DVC member, I do rent out my extra points in this way.

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    Works well and honestly offsets my member dues beautifully. I have always did my own booking via Disney world online. People are talking about saving all types of money by eating in there rooms or Kitchenette. If you really need to do this maybe Disney World is not for you. You lose the Magic. I would have to know them or someone who could vouch for them before I would do a transaction directly. Thanks for commenting, Jon!

    Many of mine have actually been less than any of the moderates even with a discount for a nicer resort.

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    Agree with you on the individual owners though. Take the chance people — it is awesome! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Skip to content. Share This! Reply Glad it worked out for you, Sarah! Good luck with your upcoming rental! Reply Yes! Reply Great article, thank you. Reply Thanks, glad you liked it! Based on the comments, they seem to be pretty popular among our readers as well!

    Reply We are trying this for the first time in December. Reply Walking to Magic Kingdom is definitely a plus!

    You're In - see ya real soon!

    Have a wonderful trip! Reply I have used DVC Rental Store multiple times, with great success, and they require partial payment on confirmation, with balance due 45 days before the stay.