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Thank You in advance, I've been spending alot of time on here lately and look forward to getting my CM together.

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Oh and its white which I see is a popular color choice for alot of people on here. Thanks Guys What are you trying to purchase? T-Rex , Apr 14, ColoradoTJ and Bob like this. I've sent you a PM.

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Appreciate it, thank you. You bet. Can you send me one too??? Islandcreationlv , Jun 25, Toytec Lifts , Jun 25, Welcome from CO! Hit up Toytec Lifts and I'm sure they will get you fixed up T-Rex and Toytec Lifts like this. I'm trying to get new splash guards and I used that code didn't work.. I got an error.. Coupons 12222

Hello from las vegas!!! We love Colorado one day I'll take a plunge and move out there.. Thi s shorter unit will not only ensure positive spring location on droop but will r e duce droop for better cont rol of body roll. That sa id sometimes on ly a B6 unit is listed - the se are fine for low ering 40mm but much more than this would require the damper to be shorte ned, which can be done before it is supplied if required.

For less body roll consider this combination with uprated anti-roll bars as well. Bilstein - making Shock absorbers for the car tuner.

Many products are developed exclusively for the aftermarket tuning world, something which obviously also has an influence on Bilstein mass production units. Their engineers tune the suspension both at the design stage and in the course of road tests to create optimum driving conditions for all sports-minded motorists.

The original Monotube design was a DeCarbon invention which Bilstein acquired the patent to produce back in 's. The name of Bilstein has been synonymous with top quality Monotube dampers and high performance in the fields of motor sports and production vehicles for years.

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  7. Bilstein Motorsport develops the Road Product. The Upside-Down design - based on the monotube gas pressure principle - is applied in numerous motor sport application areas e. For additional cost we can supply selected PSS10 units with separate reservoir and double adjustment of damping. Also witness the new Clubsport product "bilstein clubsport" in search bar and MDS - Modular Damping System tip put "bilstein mds" in search bar. Bilstein Motorsport News. Bilstein equipped cars were once again at the front of the VLN season.


    Bilstein equipped Darren Hardesty Jr. Bilstein Product Range.

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    The biggest difference between these units and their twin tube rivals is their ability to combine a smooth ride with excellent spring control. Made to exceed OE spec where a twintube damper was originally specified these high quality units make an excellent upgrade for a road car and also work well with moderately uprated suspension springs.

    Please email for a stock check before ordering if in any doubt. If you prefer you can still search using the Bilstein Online Catalog and then search for the part numbers on the Balance Website using the search box near the logo. Twin Tube vs Monotube. License to produce the technology sold to Bilstein and the rest is history! I thought it might be useful to post a guide here to installing a set of Bilstein Shocks in this instance new springs were also fitted to replace two broken ones.

    Next step, jack the car. I used to run a Microbrewery and I find that the plastic shives make great insulators to prevent damage when jacking on a sill. Yes you can jack elsewhere but that often leaves nowhere to put the axle stand.

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    Make sure you jack up and support each side in turn. You can work on one side at a time but if you don't jack up the whole end the anti roll bar will make life harder. Next step - clean the strut mounting bolts thoroughly before trying to buzz them off. Especially important if you aren't using an impact wrench but this should always be done regardless. You might be unfortunate to have a car with annoying plug type mount Golf Mk4, Citroen C1.

    These just require lots of whacking with a copper mallet. Truly hateful bit of design the plug mount. A bit like rear wishbone bushes that mount in the wrong plane.

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    Next with the strut removed use some decent coil spring compressors. These ones are great as no matter what they will not slip around the strut - avoid the ones with narrow width and that come with 3 not 2 compressors - they are dangerous with factory springs which have lots of preload. I got these spring compressors from Screwfix - they are Hilka - cheap but work superbly. Remember do not undo the top nut until the spring has released all presure from the top mount. This picture doesn't show it but the B8 is slightly shorter than the unit coming off. When using a lowered spring Bilstein recommend the the B8 as it reduces droop and ensures positive location of the spring in droop.

    Generally speaking choose B8 for lowered springs and B6 for stock springs. The real reason was I got these units cheap as they were old stock Notice how these are not inverted monotube units on the front - they are B8 Twin Tube units. Bilstein tend to make a twin tube first and dependent on sales volume then go to the full monotube one. They never did this on the smaller engined Stilo only on the 2.

    The vast majority of B6 and B8 units on strut applications are inverted, noticeable by the large chrome tube sliding into the body. While I was doing the job I fitted new discs and pads - always check disc runout with a dial gauge - most garages never bother.