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The PS4 controller is essential to any PlayStation 4 setup.

PS4 DualShock 4 Controllers Deals (Black Friday ) - GameSpot

It lets you creep up on enemies, pass the puck in power plays, and race through the streets in exotic cars. Plugging in the controller lets you sync the controller with your console, as well as charge its battery. Just press the PS button on the controller to turn on your PS4 and get sucked into a trance of gameplay.

Wondering how to sync a PS4 controller to your PS4? Once the PS4 wireless controller is plugged into the console, press the PS button on the controller to turn it on. Follow the instructions on screen for pairing your PS4 controller with your PS4 account.

Get a PS4 controller cheap in 12222

To sync more than one controller, repeat these steps with each controller separately. Not sure how to use a PS4 controller on PC? To play Steam games on PC with a PS4 controller, all you need to do is plug the controller into your computer. This software lets you connect your PS4 wireless controller to your computer via USB or Bluetooth, so you can snipe enemies with ease and speed through city streets.

With some games, you can press different areas of the touchpad to activate different functions.

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At the core of any good controller are its sticks and buttons, and the PS4 controller has plenty of them. A Share button makes it a cinch to livestream and share gameplay and screenshots.

It has 3 LEDs inside that can produce a rainbow of colours. For immersive gameplay with action you can feel, the PS4 wireless controller is equipped with dual vibration motors. Experience the rumble and roar of your favourite games as you navigate them with the controller.

The standard PlayStation 4 console comes with a black controller, but you can expand your collection with another PS4 controller colour. Social gaming comes to PS4 with PlayLink.

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A Better Controller for Your PS4

On Sale 9. On Clearance 1. Refurbished 5. If a new PlayStation 4 is in the cards for this holiday season, one of the first things you'll want to pick up is an additional DualShock 4 controller. A list of retailers where you can find the deal is available below but, before you ask, the unofficial Dragon Ball Goku-style Sunset Orange color isn't among the options.

Disappointing, but not surprising. It's an absolute no-brainer, so jump on it while you can. It's perfect for anyone that followed all of the hype surrounding the game, but wasn't willing to fork over the big money for a PlayStation 4 Pro bundle.

Black Friday new ps4 controller

The good news is that you don't have to wait until Black Friday to get it. In fact, it's live right now through several major retailers. At the time of writing, these are your best options:.