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They may also sell you a similar item at the ad price, or a comparable price reduction. Learn more about rain checks here. The Official Coupon Policy states they do NOT accept Twice or Triple The Value coupons, however, some store locations still do accept them because they consider them to be competitor coupons. They used to allow this but it recently changed.


This is called stacking and they do not allow it any longer. My team and I work hard to bring you the best, online deals, clean eating, DIY's, freezer meal recipes, and more! I LOVE coaching and inspiring people to improve their health in my fitness challenge! You should also check out my favorite cleanse! Learn more about me and the rest of my team. All rights reserved. You're not a winner this time! But come back and try again! You can vote multiple times per day.


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How Price Matching at Walmart Works To price match, simply show the cashier a competitor stores ad price for an item and they will adjust the price to match! Walmart does NOT price match their own stores or online prices. Organize Your Items Group your price matching and regular coupon items. Stay Polite If you disagree with a cashier or are unsure about something, ask to speak with a manager.

Be Honest Knowingly committing coupon fraud may ruin the good deals for all coupon shoppers. Frequently Asked Questions What is a Rollback item? Why is there a price difference between different Walmart stores?

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Rollbacks or to compete with other local stores Does Walmart allow overage? Does Walmart accept Competitor coupons? That is called stacking and they do not allow it. One coupon per item. Does Walmart double coupons?

What Does “Doubling Coupons” Mean?

Sorry, Current deals list is finished. A grocery discount for seniors has been a given for generations. Kroger isn't the only grocer making changes in promotions. Not only do they not have to keep up with Kroger, but several other Publix regions have dropped the doubling in recent years.

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As far as Kroger's reasoning for ditching the senior discount: "Our Senior Discount and Double Coupon programs were targeted programs that not all customers benefited from. Our new lower prices are available to all customers," Kroger spokeswoman Melissa Eads said.

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  • Kroger Supermarkets to Cut Senior Discounts.
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  • But some Piggly Wiggly's do. And you need to know about Walgreen's senior discount on the first Tuesday of the month but that is another story.

    It is work, it is not easy," she said. The Kroger changes mean seniors "will suffer the most. But that ship has sailed.